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She’s not pretty, that word is too small . She is not the girls i used to stare at ,all bend and curve and softness. She is small but strong, and her bright eyes demand attention.Looking at her is like waking up.

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*sells soul to amc so they won’t kill any of the atlanta five*

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I'm so with you on the post on not connecting with the big brother housemates the only ones i like are Jason and Dion the rest are all so boring!

YES!!! i’m the EXACT same :) jason and dion are definitely my favourites and i just.. i don’t know how to explain why that connection isn’t there? usually you take a liking to all the housemates straight away but this year i feel that i’m not drawn to them as much and i don’t know about you but i feel some of them are way too cocky?? it’s very strange and hard to explain! the casting was definitely off this season

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is anyone else not really connecting with this season of big brother as they have with past seasons? like idk if its the housemates or if its the way the house it set out or like idk what it is but normally if i miss an episode of big brother im heartbroken and have to catch up straight away but i’ve missed 3 episodes of this season so far (bc i wasnt home) and i just caught up last night but i wasnt as excited as i normally would be?? like id be so pumped to get the episode loaded up on my computer and ready to watch it and be so excited and happy while watching it but this season im kinda just like neutral????

idk what it is like i feel like i should be enjoying it more but im not

dont get me wrong i still like it and would rather watch it than any other show but idk just not as much as i normally do

does anyone else feel this way pls say its not just me haha